Vinicio Santillan

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Vinicio Santillán

Ph.D. Student
Member of Senior Scientist Group 'Functional Ecology and Global Change'

Research interests

Over the last few decades tropical forests have suffered from most dramatic destructions. Land-use change is one of the most important drivers of species loss worldwide. I will assess how elevational and land-use gradients affect the diversity of bird communities and their resource availability, and how the mutualistic interaction networks between frugivorous birds and fruiting plants change across the same gradients in a tropical mountain forest in Southern Ecuador.  I will conduct my study across three elevational gradients in two different seasons, dry and rainy season.  At each elevation, I will work in sites of continuous near-natural forest and human-disturbed forest to study the species and functional trait diversity of bird communities, resource availability, habitat structure and fruit-frugivore interactions.

My research is part of the project "Development and validation of functional indicators for avian seed dispersal" which is part of the “Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Monitoring and Research in South Ecuador"

Phone: +49 (0)69 7542 1872