Camille Gaillard

Camille Gaillard

Ph.D. student


I have a wide range of interests, revolving around humans and biosphere. I am keen to understand the underlying processes and mechanisms, from the cell to the landscape, which ultimately drive the interaction between these two intertwined spheres.
I am focusing on the natural processes at the ecosystem scale, and how to model them in complex dynamic vegetation models.

PhD thesis: “ Biome and biodiversity shift scenarios for Limpopo ”
I aim to benchmark and use the Dynamic Global Vegetation Model aDGVM2 a process-based and bottom-up vegetation model, to assess the ecosystem dynamics of the Limpopo province in South Africa. The aDGVM2 will be used to understand its mechanisms and to project future shifts in biomes and biodiversity for this region, specifically targeting the tree-grass interactions in savannas. 
This project is part of the BMBF funded “Limpopo Living Landscapes” project, which aims at understanding and predicting the combined effects of land use and climate change on vegetation, biodiversity and rural livelihoods in the Limpopo region and to identify the best strategies at farm and policy level to manage these regions in a sustainable way.


Phone +49 (0)69 7542 1860
E-Mail : camille.gaillard@senckenberg.de