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Early Career Scientists Network (BSPIN)

Early Career Scientists Network (BSPIN)

Information and updates: http://biodiversity.de/index.php/ipbes/nefo-aktivitaeten-zu-ipbes/bspin-young-scientist-network

In spring 2014, a group of currently 30 early career scientists (ECS) interested in international science-policy interfaces (SPIs) in global biodiversity governance, such as IPBES, CBD, SBSTTA, Future Earth, inter alia, established a new network to exchange views and findings, and to deliver joint analyses about such SPIs.

The international and interdisciplinary network brings together
• researchers dealing with the issues relevant for biodiversity-related political decision-making, and
• researchers analysing the structure, functionality and effectiveness of such SPIs.

The mission of the network is to link young scholars interested in science-policy interface processes within the field of global biodiversity policy and to improve their capacities to actively engage in them, as well as in transdisciplinary research being the foundation of such processes.

The objectives of the network are
Advancing research of ECS
-> Towards SPIs’ work programmes (i.e. generating knowledge directly relevant for SPI assessments or other SPI activities)
-> On SPIs (i.e. generating knowledge about relevant processes, design options, etc.)
Advancing engagement of ECS in SPIs in global biodiversity policy
-> By building capacities of network members and other interested ECS
-> By communicating the potential of ECS and encouraging their involvement

To learn more about the latest activities of the network:
(1) Side Event at the 12. Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP-12) in PyeongChang, Korea: “How can science really contribute to global biodiversity governance? – Discussing challenges of science policy-interfaces”

(2) Network meeting priori to IPBES-3, January 9, 2015, at the UN Campus in Bonn: At this meeting we will discuss our future activities, governance as well as our first joint research project. If you are interested to get engaged in the network and its activities, we would like to cordially invite you this meeting, and ask you to send us your name and institution (to katja.heubach@ufz.de). Please, do so until Dec 12th.

More information on the network
Coordinating contact: Dr. Katja Heubach (katja.heubach@ufz.de).