Fritjof Lammers

Fritjof Lammers

Ph.D .Student
Member of Research Group 'Evolutionary vertebrate genomics'

Research interests

I am broadly interested in evolutionary biology and bioinformatics. I am fascinated by the new possibilities to understand evolution from genome scale datasets. Currently, my research focuses on the detection of mobile element insertions (MEI) from high throughput sequencing data. I utilize this data to reconstruct the evolutionary history of species. During my studies, I have worked as research assistant in stoichiogenomics and studied the influence of nutrient availability on microbial communities in natural environments. For my bachelor thesis I have worked on experimental transgenesis in sticklebacks.

Short CV

since 2015: Ph.D. student at Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre (SBiK-F),  Frankfurt am Main. AG Prof.  Dr. Axel Janke

2012 - 2015: MSc Biological Sciences, Special Study Program "Evolution and Biocomplexity", University of Münster (Germany)

2014: Research assistant in Evolutionary Functional Genomics (AG Jun.-Prof. Dr. Acquisti, Münster)

2009 - 2012: BSc Biological Sciences, Universities of  Münster (Germany) and Sundsvall (Sweden)