Gaetane Le Provost

Gaetane Le Provost

Member of Young Scientist Group 'Causes and Consequences of biodiversity change'

Research Interests

I am a community ecologist interested into the mechanisms that shape the structure of ecological communities in response to land use intensification. I use functional trait-based approaches to:  (i) identify and generalise the effects of land use intensification that operate at different spatial and temporal scales across multiple taxonomic groups and trophic levels (plants, herbivores, pollinators, predators and top-predators) (ii) investigate the underlying mechanisms of biodiversity response, and particularly the role of trophic interactions.

Currently, I am involved in a new project which aims to investigate biodiversity-ecosystem function relationships at the landscape level within the larger Biodiversity Exploratories project. The specific objectives of this project are to: (i) assess and quantify the role of local and landscape diversity, as well as their interaction with the surrounding land use, in driving the capacity of an ecosystem to provide multiple ecosystem functions (i.e. ecosystem multifunctionality); (ii) evaluate how the landscape configuration of diversity and land use intensity drives landscape level ecosystem function and multifunctionality.

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