Dr. Anne Hertel 

Movement Ecology Group

Dr. Anne Hertel

Postdoctoral Researcher


Fields of interest

 My research is at the interface between behavioral ecology, spatial ecology, and wildlife biology. I have previously worked on the effects of spatial and temporal variation in food abundance and hunting disturbance on behavior and life histories of Scandinavian brown bears. For my current project I am jointly working with the movement ecology group here in Frankfurt and the Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project on consistent individual variation in the behavior of brown bears. It particularly interests me, to which degree such “bear personalities” are formed by maternal learning, individual learning, genetic relatedness and variation in the environment.



Publication list

Hertel, A.G., Bischof, R., Langval, O., Mysterud, A., Kindberg, J., Swenson, J.E., Zedrosser, A. (2018). Berry production drives bottom–up effects on body mass and reproductive success in an omnivore. Oikos 127, 197-207, doi: 10.1111/oik.04515

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Hertel AG, Steyaert SMJG, Zedrosser A, Mysterud A, Lodberg-Holm HK, Gelink HW, Kindberg J, Swenson JE (2016) Bears and berries: species-specific selective foraging on a patchily distributed food resource in a human-altered landscape. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 70:831-842

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Nickel S, Hertel A, Pesch R, Schröder W, Steinnes E, Uggerud H (2014) Correlating concentrations of heavy metals in atmospheric deposition with respective accumulation in moss and natural surface soil for ecological land classes in Norway between 1990 and 2010. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 22:1-11

Nickel S, Hertel A, Pesch R, Schröder W, Steinnes E, Uggerud HT (2014) Modelling and mapping spatio-temporal trends of heavy metal accumulation in moss and natural surface soil monitored 1990–2010 throughout Norway by multivariate generalized linear models and geostatistics. Atmospheric Environment 99:85-93

Schröder W, Pesch R, Hertel A, Schonrock S, Harmens H, Mills G, Ilyin I (2013) Correlation between atmosperic deposition of Cd, Hg and Pb and their concentrations in mosses specified for ecological land classes covering Europe. Atmospheric Pollution Research 4:267-274

Borcherding J, Hertel A, Breiden S (2013) Activity and competitive behaviour of invasive Neogobius melanostomus and Ponticola kessleri (Gobiidae) from the River Rhine, Germany. Ethology Ecology & Evolution 25:351-365


Phone: +49 (0)69 7542 1845
Email: anne.hertel@senckenberg.de