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International peer reviewed 2010

Alpermann, T.J., Tillmann, U., Beszteri, B., Cembella, A.D. & U. John (2010): Phenotypic variation and genotypic diversity in a planktonic population of the toxigenic marine dinoflagellate Alexandrium tamarense (Dinophyceae). Journal of Phycology, 46: 18-32. 6
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Cecil, M.R., Ducea, M.N., Reiners, P., Gehrels, G., Mulch, A., Allen, C. & I. Campbell (2010): Provenance of Eocene river sediments from the central northern Sierra Nevada and implications for paleotopography. - Tectonics 29, TC6010. 6
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Göbbeler, K. & A. Klussmann-Kolb (2010): Out of Antarctica? New insights into the phylogeny and biogeography of Pleurobranchomorpha (Mollusca, Gastropoda). - Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 55: 996-1007. 6
Klaus, S., Schubart, C.D., Streit, B. & M. Pfenninger (2010): When Indian crabs were not yet Asian - biogeographic evidence for Eocene proximity of India and Southeast Asia. - BMC Evolutionary Biology 10:287. 6;
Koutsodendris, A., Müller, U.C., Pross, J., Brauer, A., Kotthoff, U. & A.F. Lotter (2010): Vegetation dynamics and climate variability during the Holsteinian interglacial based on a pollen record from Dethlingen (northern Germany). - Quaternary Science Reviews 29 3298-3307. 6 Publikation downloaden, PDF 1017 KB
Lehrian, S., Bálint, M., Haase, P. & S.U. Pauls (2010): Genetic population structure of an autumn emerging caddisfly with inherently low dispersal capacity and insights into its phylogeography. - Journal of the North American Benthological Society 29: 1100-1118.
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Schmiedl, G., Kuhnt, T., Ehrmann, W., Emeis, K.-C., Hamann, Y., Kotthoff, U., Dulski, P. & J. Pross (2010): Climatic forcing of eastern Mediterranean deep-water formation and benthic ecosystems during the past 22 000 years. - Quaternary Science Reviews 29: 3006-3020. 6
Schulte, K., Silvestro, D., Kiehlmann, E., Vesely, S., Novoa, P. & G. Zizka (2010): Detection of recent hybridization between sympatric Chilean Puya species (Bromeliaceae) using AFLP markers and reconstruction of complex relationships. - Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 57: 1105–1119. 6;;
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Tirelli, T., Silvestro, D., Pessani, D. & C.C. Tudge (2010): Description of the male reproductive system of Paguristes eremita (Anomura, Diogenidae and its placement in a phylogeny of diogenid species based on spermatozoal and spermatophore ultrastructure. - Zoologischer Anzeiger 248: 299–312. 6
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Weigand, A. M. & A. Jochum (2010): Mollusca, Gastropoda, Ellobioidea, Carychium minimum O.F. Muller, 1774: Filling gaps. New population record for the State of New York, Northeastern United States. - Check List 6(4): 517-518.