Review: International Workshop and Symposium on Genomic Data Mining, 16.-19.3.2010

„Hands-on Genomics“ - International Workshop and Symposium on Genomic Data Mining

16. - 18.03.2010 Workshop (restricted to 20 participants)
19.03.2010 Symposium only (open to all)
A workshop funded by Biodiversität und Klima Forschungszentrum (BiK-F)
Organizers: Barbara Feldmeyer, Klaus Schwenk, Jörg Oehlmann, Markus Pfenninger und  Adrian Pachzelt

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The development of „Next Generation Sequencing“-methods is currently revolutionizing biology. In short time millions of sequences can easily be generated to sequence complete genomes, to investigate extensive gen expression clusters, to barcode entire biological communities and many more.
To handle the large amount of generated data, many new bioinformatic tools have been developed. These are used though mainly by computer scientists. However “standard” evolutionary ecology biologists lack the necessary know-how of handling these tools. This workshop aims at biologists who would like to work with next generation sequencing technologies but lack the necessary knowledge of handling the data. Participants will align sequences of an example data set, search for microsatellites, assemble a mitochondrial genome, BLAST sequences and learn about currently available software tools for genomic as well transcriptomic data mining.

The workshop is limited to 20 participants and registration will open on 1st of December 2009. Please download here the registration form. The registration deadline is February 15th , 2010. The registration fee is 20 € and does not include traveling costs and accommodation.

Please send questions and/or the registration form to: genomics@senckenberg.de

At the end of the workshop we have organized a one-day symposium open for broad public (March 19th , 2010). All interested participants are welcome to present either a talk or a poster.
Invited speakers for the Symposium are Prof. Christian Schlötterer (University of Vienna, Austria) and Dr. Stefan Hutter (University of Munich, Germany), two requests pending.

Download registration form.