Foto Prof. Dr. Jens O. Herrle

Prof. Dr. Jens O. Herrle
Cornelia Anhalt (Secretary)

Dr. Christina Gebühr (PostDoc)
Dipl.-Geol. Bärbel Schminke (technical assistant)
Dipl.-Geol. Jessica Zirkel (PhD-student)

Former employees:
Dr. Cyrus Karas (PostDoc)
Dr. Cecily Pälike (Research Associate)

Institute of Geosciences
Goethe-University Frankfurt
Altenhoeferallee 1
60438 Frankfurt am Main

email: jens.herrle@em.uni-frankfurt.de
phone:  +49 (0)69 798 40180
fax:  +49 (0)69 798 40185
secretary: +49 (0)69 798 40184


Prof. Dr. Jens O. Herrle

Paleontology and Biogeochemistry Group, project area A


Research Interests

I specialize in Ceno- and Mesozoic process studies of extreme greenhouse and icehouse conditions. Ongoing research focuses on the development and application of calcareous microorganism- and geochemical-based proxies for deciphering the history of marginal seas and open oceans, as well as the dynamics and stability of ancient and modern marine ecosystems. The research includes bio- and chemostratigraphic, paleoceanographic, paleoecologic, and geochemical (trace elements, stable isotopes) methods to gain rigorous insights into causes and consequences of major perturbations in the Earth system as documented for example by the burial of massive carbon-rich sediments (Oceanic Anoxic Events) during the Mesozoic.

Short CV

Since 2009 Full Professor (W3) in Paleontology and Biogeochemistry, Institute of Geosciences, Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany

2007 – 2009 Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Micropaleontology, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

2006 – 2009 Assistant Professor, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

2005 – 2006 Assistant Professor in Micropaleontology and Paleoceano-graphy, Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

2003 - 2005 Marie Curie Fellowship, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, University of Southampton, United Kingdom

2002– 2003 Postdoc, Department of Geology, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zürich, Switzerland

2002 Doctorate in Paleontology (Dr. rer. nat.), University of Tübingen, Germany

1998 Diploma in Geology (Dipl.-Geol.) Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany