Konstans Wells

Dr. Konstans Wells


Research interests
Mammals and birds have a unique role within terrestrial ecosystems in that they cover the largest animal species that occupy final positions in many biotic and abiotic cycles. Population growth and dynamics for any species is determined by food availability, and hence, bottom-up control with various plant and animal food sources is a universal driving force for vertebrate populations. This primary control system is influenced further by top-down processes from predators, parasites and also disturbances within heterogeneous habitat matrices. Such complex interactions between food, predators, environmental disturbances and competing species finally produce the untold number of habitat occupations and abundances of species and in turn, the influence of these species on local environments. With such background in mind, I am mostly interested in vertebrates for investigating the effects of environmental variability and habitat changes on population dynamics and behaviour.
My current efforts include hierarchical modelling approaches to better understand population dynamics and community patterns under changing environmental conditions as a postdoctoral fellow


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