Georg Zizka

Prof. Dr. Georg Zizka

Project areas A, B, C (“Pate”), and E
Professor, Institute Ecology, Evolution and Diversity, Goethe-University
Head Department “Botany and molecular Evolution” with Herbarium Senckenbergianum (FR) and Grunelius Möllgaard Laboratory, Senckenberg Research Institute

My primary research interests are the diversity, systematics and evolution of Higher Plants, especially of the families Bromeliaceae and Poaceae, and the changes of diversity through the impact of man and climate.
Geographically, main areas of interest are the Neotropics, West Africa and Central Europe. Research methods include “classical” ones like fieldwork, morphology and anatomy as well as modelling and molecular systematics.
An essential part of our research are scientific collections. Besides curating and developing the Herbarium Senckenbergianum (FR), the analysis of distribution data and the improvement of accessibility of collections with modern IT methods are permanent focal points.



Homepage Georg Zizka

Herbarium Senckenbergianum (FR)

Collection and observation databases
West African Plants
Determination Tool and Foto-database

VegDa: West African Vegetation (from 1.11.2010)
Online database for observation data (e.g. plant sociological relevés)

Flora of Frankfurt am Main
Flowering plants of Frankfurt/Main (at present app. 500 of 1700 spp. represented). History of immigration and online maps of distributon.

Sesam (Senckenberg Specimen Database)
Specimen database, at present app. 20.000 selected botanical collections digitized.

Main current research projects
Entwicklung neuer Digitalisierungsstandards zur Serienerfassung von Blattnervaturmerkmalen aus Herbarsammlungen mittels Mikroradiographie

Biotopkartierung der Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Long term monitoring of changes in biodiversity (flora fauna, biotope types), funded by the Umweltamt der Stadt Frankfurt am Main

Understanding and combating desertification to mitigate its impact on ecosystem services (in West Africa)

Systematics, evolution and biogeography of Bromeliaceae
Focus on subfamily Bromelioideae and its genera; additionally Fosterella, Puya.

Systematics, evolution and biogeography of Quiinaceae

Stark bedrohte Pflanzenarten in Hessen – Arealanalyse und Klimawandel

Finished Projects
BIOTA Africa
BIOdiversity Monitoring Transect Analysis in Africa, see BIOTA West Africa

Sustainable Use of Natural Vegetation in West Africa

Forest Diversity Inventory
Inventory of the biodiversity in the forests south of Frankfurt/Main; see “Stadtwald”

Biodiversity Inventory of railway areas in Frankfurt
Inventory of the railway areas in Frankfurt/Main; see “Frankfurt21”

Interaction of N. bicalcarata and ants

Phone: +49 (0)69 97075 1166, +49 (0)69 798 42176