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Workshop "Macroecology meets IPBES", March 6, Halle

This workshop, which is part of the 8th Annual Meeting of the Specialist Group for Macroecology of the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (GfÖ) meet will provide the opportunity to discuss how macroecology can contribute to IPBES, the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. This part of the 8th Annual Meeting of the Specialist Group for Macroecology of the GfÖ is organised by Katrin Böhning-Gaese and Christian Hof (Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre - BiK-F) and supported by NeFo, the German Network-Forum for Biodiversity Research.

Biodiversity loss has been identified as one of the most urgent problems our planet and humanity is facing. With the formation of the Intergovernmental Platform for Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services (IPBES), the United Nations have acknowledged this challenge at an institutional level. The exchange of knowledge and wisdom between science and policy is crucial for the success of IPBES, in order to halt the global loss of biodiversity. In our workshop, we aim to explore how ecological science can contribute to the process of developing IPBES as a successful science-policy platform. In particular, the potential contributions of macroecology with its strengths in global modelling and scenario development will be highlighted. Presentations and discussions will cover a broad range of topics, such as overviews on the IPBES process or on global initiatives of bridging the science-policy interface, state-of-the-art approaches of modelling global biodiversity and assessing ecosystem services, and the potential challenges between theory and application, i.e. conservation needs and efforts.

Preliminary programme:

Introduction: Setting the stage (Katrin Böhning-Gaese, BiK-F, Frankfurt; confirmed)
Introduction: The IPBES process (Carsten Neßhöver, NeFo/UFZ, Leipzig; confirmed)
Modelling requirements for IPBES, science-policy interface (Paul Leadley, Université Paris-Sud; to be confirmed)
Global biodiversity scenarios (Henrique Pereira, iDiv, Leipzig; confirmed)
Global modelling I: Biodiversity (Christian Hof, BiK-F, Frankfurt; confirmed)
Global modelling II: Ecosystem models (Thomas Hickler,  BiK-F, Frankfurt; confirmed)
Global modelling III (Tim Newbold, Mike Hartfoot, UNEP-WCMC, Cambridge; to be confirmed)
Ecosystem services (Felix Eigenbrod, University of Southampton; confirmed)
Conservation (Neil Burgess, WCMC, Cambridge; confirmed)

Participation at this workshop is free of charge. 
As the number of participants is limited to 75 people, registration will be closed as soon as 75 people have registered but at the latest on February 17, 2014. Please register here: https://conference.ufz.de/frontend/index.php?sub=85
Note that until February 16, 2014, cancellation is possible without any fee.  

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