Maria Delagado Cartay

Maria Dolores Delgado Cartay

Ph.D. student


MSc. Biological Sciences, Universidad Simón Bolívar, Venezuela, 2005

Areas of Interest:
• Remote sensing of ecosystems dynamics
• Vegetation spectral properties
• Land use and land cover changes in the tropics

Biography: Maria Delgado studied forestry at the Universidad de Los Andes and obtained a MSc in Biological Sciences at the Universidad Simón Bolívar, Venezuela. She is mainly interested in processes and patterns of vegetation changes at the landscape level in the tropics. Her work is based on remote sensing data, empirical research and modeling.


Higgins, S. I.; Delgado-Cartay, M. D.; February, E. C.; H. J. Combrink. Is there a niche separation in the leaf phenology of savanna trees and grasses? Submitted to Journal of Biogeography.

Fidelis, A; Delgado-Cartay, M.D.; Blanco, C.; Müller S.C.; Pillar, V.d.; Pfadenhauer, J. 2010 Fire intensity and severity in Brazilian Campos grasslands. Interciencia 35 (10): 739-745

Bilbao, B.; Leal, A.; Méndez, C.; Delgado M. 2009. The role of fire in vegetation dynamics of upland savannas of the Venezuelan Guayana. In: Tropical Fire Ecology: Climatic Change, Land Use and Ecosystem Dynamics. M.A. Cochrane (Ed.). Springer-Praxis