Justin Parker




Dr. Justin Parker (until June 2011)


Research interests:

I use of foraminifera to help us understand environmental variation and change in the past and in the present. My focus is on foraminifera living in the tropical-subtropical environments and the biogeographical distribution of taxa over time. I also work on taxonomic problems as our ability to identify organisms correctly underpins most of my work, and is also important in understanding diversity. My current projects include:

1. investigating changes in assemblage structure and diversity of shallow-water benthic foraminifera in the Red Sea during Pleistocene to Holocene interglacial periods in order to better understand changes in coral reef ecosystems over long time frames.

2. biogeography and diversity of tropical foraminifera from the Indian Ocean in order to understand how species with similar life modes can have drastically different geographical distributions.

3. ultra-structure of porcelaneous foraminifera and the implications 
for taxonomy of the group.


Present position: Task Geoscience Asia Pty. Ltd., Perth, Western Australia