Sven Trautmann

Sven Trautmann

Ph.D. student


Research interests:
I am interested in biogeography, i.e. patterns of avian distribution and richness and factors determining those, but also in taxonomy and evolution of birds. I find it very inspiring to think about how spatial patterns might have evolved but also what may alter them and finally how this drives differentiation and adaptation of birds.
But especially applying my knowledge to conservation tasks is of great interest to me and builds the framework into which I would like to integrate my studies.
My thesis focuses on climate change impacts on birds in Europe and I try to find links between species distributions and climatic variables but also to enlarge climatic envelope models by including land cover data into my work. Based on such models, I project ranges of possible future changes using scenarios of global change. One project within the course of my work links such projections to practical guidance of conservation policy. Another current aspect relates species richness patterns to current and paleoclimatic, but also land-use variables influencing them.
All in all, I hope to contribute bits and pieces to the further improvement of species distribution models and to aid the understanding of spatial patterns by using expert knowledge to create biologically meaningful models.


Current Publication
Trautmann, S., K. Böhning-Gaese, I. Laube, F. Badeck, and M. Schwager (in preparation): Predictions of climate change effects on bird species richness depend on land-use.

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