Workshop "Valuing the valuation"

17.-18.02.2011 in Frankfurt/M.:

Scientific workshop on the economic valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services: “Valuing the Valuation – Benefits and Limitations of the Economic Valuation of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

The two-day workshop consisted of a lecture day (Thursday) which is open to all scientists and the public, and a seminar day (Friday) which is dedicated to young scientists (PhD, postdoc) dealing with economic valuation in their studies.
The lecture day will provide the audience with the state-of-the-art in the field helping to familiarize with the concept of ecosystem services, the techniques of valuation, best practices applied in developed and developing countries as well as the moral and ethical implications of economic valuation.

Contact: Katja Heubach, kheubach@senckenberg.de, 0049-69-7542-1876

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