Climate induced changes of biodiversity and functional diversity specifically, and the resulting loss of ecosystem services pose a tremendous threat to human well-being. An increasing changes of terrestrial and marine ecosystems due to the growing global population, adds further pressure on natural ecosystems.
This project group assesses these changes and develops adaptive management strategies for the focal ecosystems of “European Forests”, ”Shelf Ecosystems”, and “African Savannas”. In case study projects the biological/ecological basis of ecosystem processes and functions will be assessed, and evaluation studies of the resulting ecosystem services will be carried out. In addition vulnerability analysis, including the application of scenario analysis and modelling approaches, will be conducted with respect to climate and human induced changes of terrestrial and marine ecosystems.
In cooperation with relevant stakeholders, methods for transferring scientific knowledge into societal decision making processes will be identified and recommendations for adaptive management strategies will be developed. Based on the case study findings, a more general approach for stakeholder involvement will be deduced, and the establishment of community based management strategies supported. Current processes in environmental politics will be considered and their implementation supported. Existing data and new results of other project areas of the research centre BiK-F will be scanned and processed as they become available with a view towards enhancing their input relevance for the political debate and decision-making.