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Coral reefs are the "rainforests of the sea" and exhibit the highest biodiversity in the marine realm. Diversity, abundance, and distribution of benthic foraminifera, mollusks, and corals of mid- to late-Quaternary reef terraces will be investigated quantitatively within the shallow marine component of the land-sea-transect. Ecological models such as the intermediate disturbance or community unity hypotheses may be evaluated based on the new data. Results will furthermore be used in order to compare aspects of biodiversity to climate variation, which will eventually help to make predictions for future biodiversity variability. A large number of datable and well preserved reef terraces, which formed due to neotectonic uplift, can be found along the Red Sea and Persian Gulf shorelines. The existence of living reefs in close proximity allows comparisons of Pleistocene and modern ecosystems. Furthermore, the variation in biodiversity will be studied at high resolution and continuously along existing cores from Holocene atoll lagoons in the Maldives. These data are well-suited in order to compare shallow marine biodiversity changes during the past ca. 11.000 years with those in the terrestrial and open marine projects along the land-sea-traverse. It is planned to apply for additional funding for these studies with the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). Comparisons with our results from late Quaternary reefs in Belize and Florida will give us additional information regarding the reactions of highly diverse ecosystems to climate change.

Modern coral reef
Modern coral reefs at southern Sinai peninsula, Egypt, Red Sea (Photo: E. Gischler)

Fossil coral reef
Fossil coral reef (130.000 yrs BP) in reef terrace at southern Sinai peninsula, Egypt, Red Sea (Phot: E. Gischler)

 External Collaborators

Dr. Zahra Karimi Mossadegh
Dr. Justin Parker


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