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Global Environment Facility Project Preparation Grant (PPG) of the project:

„Support to the Integrated Program for the Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Socotra Archipelago“

A new full-sized GEF project is in the pipeline for Socotra, guided by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) of Yemen. The Project is at its development stage and a GEF Project Preparation Grant (PPG) is available.

The UNEP-EPA GEF-funded Project “Support to the Integrated Program for the Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Socotra Archipelago” will aim to reinforce Yemen’s national capacity to manage and protect the Socotra Archipelago World Heritage Site through strengthening biodiversity conservation and improving management effectiveness of the protected area network, managing invasive alien species, establishing a sustainable land-use approach and preventing land-degradation, and strengthening the institutional framework, establishing sustainable management financing schemes, improving the management of existing and future knowledge and data, and building relevant capacities especially at the level of the Socotra based authorities and agencies, not least in consideration of the reforms resulting from of the national dialogue and the establishment of the Governorate of Socotra.

The Project Identification Form (PIF) was GEF CEO cleared on 23 April 2013 and the PPG was approved on the same day. The PIF represents the main planning document and basis for stakeholder participation until the full project documents have been prepared. The PIF can be downloaded here.

UNEP has charged the Senckenberg Society for Nature Research, Frankfurt a.M., Germany (SGN) to lead and coordinate the implementation of the PPG towards the development of a full project proposal, in close liaison with the national and local stakeholders in Yemen and Socotra, the international science and development community, and with key donors and the UNEP team.


The SGN has recruited a PPG team composed of renowned national and international experts which commenced work in December 2013. A brief introduction to the team can be downloaded here.

Stakeholder Participation

Initiation: A comprehensive stakeholder consultation process was initiated at the Soqotra Symposium 2012 in Frankfurt a.M., representing the 11th Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Soqotra.

The 1st Stakeholder Workshop was successfully conducted on September 14th 2013 at the 12th Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Soqotra in Lednice, hosted by the Faculty of Horticulture in Lednice and the Department of Forest Botany, Dendrology and Geobiocenology, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology of the Mendel University in Brno. This project inception workshop was dedicated to collecting the feed-back of the international scientific and development community. The workshop was kindly presided over by His Excellency the Minister of Water and Environment of Yemen, Mr. Abd al-Salaam Razzaz, and attended by well over 40 participants. The workshop flyer can be downloaded here.

The 2nd Stakeholder Workshop was successfully conducted on January 30th 2014 in Hadiboh, as part of a fact finding mission of the PPG team to Socotra, hosted by the EPA Socotra. It was dedicated to collecting the feed-back of especially the national and Soqotri stakeholder community, including major donors and national authorities. The workshop was kindly presided over by the Chairman of the EPA Yemen, Dr. Khaled Al-Shaibani, and attended by more than 70 participants. Downloads are available for the workshop flyer and the workshop presentation.       



Web-based Communication:  The PPG team will further use this website as a main platform to inform the wider stakeholder community in a continuous fashion about the project progress, and the pending steps towards submission of the final project documents to UNEP and GEF. Interested individuals and institutions are invited to follow the below ‘News Update’ and the ‘Chronology and Outlook’.

Stakeholder Questionnaire: 
Substantial efforts have been made by the PPG team thus far to consult with the majority of the stakeholders and to capture their input. Interested individuals and parties which feel compelled to make a more comprehensive contribution or which we have missed to reach so far are invited to use an on-line questionnaire, in assessing the PIF (available for download above) against the backdrop of their experience and knowledge. In doing so users are kindly requested to consider that the PIF, and hence the full project, has to adhere to certain focal areas of GEF from which it ultimately seeks to be funded. The project is therefore bound to these focal areas and cannot accommodate other desirable interventions; for example activities specifically dedicated to the health, education or water sector.

The Questionnaire Form can be downloaded here, and shall be returned by email to, preferably no later than 21 March 2014.

News Update

5 February 2014 - "2nd Stakeholder Workshop of the GEF-UNEP project in Hadiboh successful"

After the first workshop carried out during the last FoS meeting in Lednice, Czech Republic, a second workshop with more than 70 participants was held on 30 January in the EPA building in Hadiboh, Soqotra. Under the patronage of the Chairman of EPA Yemen, Dr. Khaled Al-Shaibani the workshop was led by Uwe Zajonz, Edoardo Zandri, Kay Van Damme, Uli Piest and Arne Witt, together with Ahmed Saeed, Fouad Naseeb and Malek Abdulaziz. The output was very useful for the project and is currently being digested, together with the general results of the fact finding mission of the PPG team, which took place from 27 January till 2 February 2014.

16 February 2014 - "Write-up retreat of the PPG team"

From 22-24 March 2014 the PPG team has scheduled a team internal retreat with the aim to write-up the bulk of the project documents, i.e. producing an advanced draft of the UNEP ProDoc. The retreat will take place at the BiK-F and SGN in Frankfurt a.M., Germany.

Chronology and Outlook

– Project concept (PIF) and Project Preparation Grant (PPG) approved by GEF:  23 April 2013
– Inception Workshop (1st Stakeholder WS) Lednice, 12th FoS AGM:  14 September 2013
– Recruitment of PPG team by SGN:  until December 2013
– Fact finding mission of the PPG team, Socotra:  27 January till 2 February 2014
– 2nd Stakeholder Workshop, Socotra:  30 January 2014

o Write-up retreat of PPG team:  22-24 March 2014 (scheduled)
o Review and endorsement of first full draft by EPA Yemen:  until May (target)
o Full proposal development:  until June 2014 (target)
o UNEP and GEF approval process:  until December 2014 (target)