Project groups


In completing the above described land-sea transect approach, the present project aims to investigate the diversity and composition dynamics of selected offshore [open-marine] faunal assemblages, namely of fish and foraminifera. The study will initially be based on marine fossil deposits of both groups which are readily available in existing sediment cores. Fish otoliths will ideally allow to assess the taxonomic composition, abundance and age composition of quaternary fish assemblages at relatively high levels of resolution. In addition, in a novel approach fossil otolith isotope chemistry will tested towards its suitability to infer ancient water temperatures and water chemistry. Ultimately the variation in the composition of the offshore fish assemblages thru time can thus be correlated with palaeoclimatic and palaeooceanographic data. The fish studies will subsequently be expanded to cover also fossil reef environments, and to this end collaborate closely with the projects A3.2, A4.4, and B2.3. A grant proposal seeking co-funding for these activities has already been submitted to the Saudi Research Fund.
The second backbone of the present project is to understand the diversity dynamics of assemblages of benthic foraminifera in the light of palaeooceanographic and thus ultimately climate variation in the quaternary. Quantitative ecological and geo-chemical parameters will be analysed. The focus of the investigation will rest on assessing the development of diversity during and after periods of severe environmental changes (e.g. oxygen-depletion caused by sapropel formation), notably on the study of patterns, mechanisms and duration of re-colonization processes. It is intended to secure co-funding for this component by submitting a research proposal to the DFG.


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