Jussi Eronen 


Dr. Jussi Eronen



I am a paleobiologist and paleontologist, with a soft spot for modelling and integrative research efforts. My research has mainly concentrated on the analysis of mammal communities in relation to environments and climate at different scales in deep time as well as present-day. In general my research agenda is directed towards understanding ecosystem dynamics and climate using large-scale and long duration data sources. I aim my research so that the results of my work are relevant for ongoing discussion about the development of and changes in environments and ecosystems, and to the priorities of society. For example, I am involved in the maintenance of the global fossil mammal database, and part of multi-national Consensus for action - group. In addition I am Chair of the iCCB (integrative Climate Change Biology, together with David Polly, see iCCB, and part of the NECLIME and ETE programmes/communities.

At the moment I am involved in various projects at BiK-F. My main project is "Understanding the impact in terrestrial bio-geosystems during the last 23 million years". In addition I'm involved with  "Understanding Cenozoic Climate Cooling (E1.10)", "Vegetation Dynamics And Ecosystem Processes (E2.1)" (Collaborations with Hickler, Forrest and Liakka), "Earth Surface Processes And Paleoclimate Dynamics (A2.10)", "Savanna Development (A2.14)" (Collaborations with Mulch, Lüdecke and Schrenk), and " Species Diversification And Climate Change In The Cenozoic (A1.8)" (Collaboration with Schnitzler)."

Representative publications (click the title to download the paper):

Fritz, S., Schnitzler, J., Eronen, J.T., Hof, C., Böhning-Gaese, K., Graham, C. 2013. Unearthing diversity: wanted dead and alive. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 28, 509-516.

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Eronen, J.T., Puolamäki, K., Liu, L., Lintulaakso, K., Damuth, J., Janis, C., and Fortelius, M. 2010. Precipitation and large herbivorous mammals, part I: Estimates from present-day communities. Evolutionary Ecology Research 12, 217-233.

Eronen, J.T. , Evans, A.R., Jernvall, J., Fortelius, M. 2010. The impact of regional climate on the evolution of mammals. A case study using fossil horses. Evolution 64, 398-408.

Eronen, J.T. , Mirzaie Ataabadi, M., Micheels, A., Karme, A., Bernor, R.L., Fortelius, M. 2009. Distribution History and Climatic Controls of the Late Miocene Pikermian Chronofauna. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA. 106, 11867-11871.

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