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Cross-cutting theme Biotic Interactions

So far, the influence of climate change on living organisms was often only evaluated for single species, or whole ecosystems. However, little is known about the impact of climate change on specific biotic interactions and ecological networks. Biotic Interactions like host pathogen interaction (in animals, plants, and fungi), symbioses (e.g. mycorrhiza, corals, and lichens), trophic interactions (e.g. predation, oligophagy), pollination, seed dispersal, or competition play an important role in ecosystems. These include maintenance of biodiversity, stability of ecosystems, and ecosystem services of terrestrial, marine and limnic environments.
It has been identified that in several project areas projects exist, which specifically deal with the climate response of organisms living in close biotic interactions with other organisms. The significant knowledge on biotic interactions which exists in BiK-F, allows the identification of synergistic research possibilities and overarching patterns in the climate response of biotic interactions. The aim of the working group on biotic interactions, which shall be formed during the BiK-F retreat, will be to identify potentials for synergistic research and to develop strategies for profile-forming of the cross-cutting theme biotic interactions.

[More details coming soon.]