Cross-cutting themes : 
- Niche evolution
- Multiple Stressors
- Biotic Interactions

Focus ecosystems:
- Savannas
- Shelf ecosystems
- Thermophilic Temperate Forests

Focus Ecosystems Thermophilic Temperate Forests

In the course of Climate Change, Central European forests will change their face. Beech as the dominant tree on well-watered stands is not regarded as threatened, but species composition on sandy or shallow and south-exposed soils may well change towards more drought- and heat tolerant tree and understory species. In FETTF we seek strategies for the future development of forests in the dryer and warmer areas of Southern Germany. We perform biological studies in forestry and forest ecology as well as societal studies on the awareness of the problem and the acceptance of a change in forest species composition. FETTF is an integrative platform for the joint discussion, exchange of expertise, data and methods of the numerous groups in forest research BiK-F, University and SGN. Our long-term aim is to develop FETTF (as a part of BiK-F) as a regional competence centre for decision makers for forest transformation in the warm regions of Germany. First steps to achieve this include a workshop and the preparation of a scientific meeting in spring 2013 on “Thermophilic Temperate Forests in Central Europe”.

[More details coming soon.]