Giorgio Bidoglio 



Giorgio Bidoglio

Ph.D. student
Member of Young Scientist Group 'Environmental Impacts of the consumption of agricultural and forestry products'

Research interests

In my PhD research, I will investigate the biodiversity footprint of Vienna as exemplary of impacts of food and biomass consumption of large urban areas on the supply regions where production occurs. The goal is to develop spatially explicit biodiversity footprint indicators and analyse trade-offs of interest to stakeholders to identify priority actions for reduction of urban pressures on biodiversity.
Under the supervision of Dr. Kastner at BIK-F, I will also collaborate with the Institute of Social Ecology of the Alpen Adria University and the Division of Conservation Biology at the Department of Botany and Biodiversity Research of the University of Vienna.
By making use of Life Cycle Assessment, in my Master Thesis I addressed the impacts of small hydropower for sustainable energy development in the Kerala State, India, going above the paradigm of carbon emissions and focussing on land use impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services. My previous experience might prove useful also for the new endeavour.

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