Silvia Gallegos



Silvia Cecilia Gallegos

Ph.D. student


Research interest: Plant ecology, plant-animal interactions, influence of environmental features and human activities on plant communities

My research focuses on changes in vegetation along altitudinal and disturbance gradients and the main ecological processes involved. During my Diploma-studies, I assessed the change in diversity, composition and structure of the vegetation along an altitudinal gradient in a tropical mountain forest in Bolivia. For my PhD studies, conducted at the University of Halle, in collaboration with BiK-F, I am working in the DFG funded project “Regeneration of tropical mountain forest species on burned areas in the Bolivian Eastern Cordillera”. My study concentrates on plant recruitment in fire-degraded habitats and on the abiotic and biotic factors driving differences in plant species composition. I am also interested in the influence of ants as secondary seed dispersers and in their importance for forest regeneration. I am supervised by Isabell Hensen (Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Institute of Biology/Geobotany) and by Matthias Schleuning.


Gallegos, S.C., I. Hensen & M. Schleuning. 2014. Secondary dispersal by ants promotes forest regeneration after deforestation. Journal of Ecology, doi: 10.1111/1365-2745.12226

Lippok, D., S.G. Beck, D. Renison, S.C. Gallegos, F.V. Saavedra, I. Hensen & M. Schleuning. 2013. Forest recovery of areas deforested by fire increases with elevation in the tropical Andes. Forest Ecology and Management, 295: 69-76.

Zenteno-Ruiz, F.S., S.G. Beck, R.P. López & S.C. Gallegos. 2010. Caracterización de la vegetación y de la diversidad florística de la cuenca alta del río Bermejo, Tarija: Implicaciones para su conservación. pp. 162 – 173. In: Beck et al. (eds.) Biodiversidad y Ecología en Bolivia – Simposio de los 30 años del Instituto de Ecología. Instituto de Ecología, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, La Paz.


E-Mail: Silvia.Gallegos@senckenberg.desilvia.gallegos.a@gmail.com