Tilman Schell





Tilman Schell

PhD Student
Member of
Research Group 'Molecular Ecology'

Genomics of Radix species and their hybrids

The aim of my PhD study is a genome wide species comparison within the snail genus Radix (Basommatophora, Pulmonata). Since there is a general lack of genomic information from molluscs, de novo genome assemblies of the two species R. auricularia and R. balthica will set the basis for finding genomic traces of evolution in ongoing hybridisation. In addition, we try to uncover the genomic effects of hybrid individuals from this genus. To obtain genomic data from species and hybrids, whole genome resequencing was performed of several individuals from different populations across Europe. New insights regarding genomic architecture of molluscs, footprints of selection and hybridisation in general will be revealed during this study.



Patel S., Schell T., Eifert C., Feldmeyer B. & Pfenninger M. (2015) : Characterizing a hybrid Zone between a cryptic species pair of freshwater snails. - Molecular Ecology, 24: 643–655
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