Marjorie Sorensen

Movement Ecology Group


Dr. Marjorie Sorensen

Postdoctoral Researcher (Alumni)


Ecosystem functioning and animal movement

My research examines the relationships between animal movement and ecosystem functioning. Given that fragmentation of forests continues at a rapid pace I aim to understand the functional connectivity provided by seed dispersers in fragmented landscapes, and to predict the consequences of increased future fragmentation for seed dispersal. I am currently using simulation models in combination with empirical data to tackle these questions. Previously, I have worked on understanding the winter ecology of long-distance migratory birds.  While research into breeding ecology is common, once birds depart for autumn migration our understanding of their basic ecology and the factors that affect individual success is limited. I studied Pacific seabirds on the west coast of Canada to understand how winter diet affected subsequent breeding success, and Palearctic-African migratory songbirds in Zambia to help demystify some aspects of their winter ecology.


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