Sven Winter 

Sven Winter

Ph.D. Student
Member of Research Group 'Evolutionary vertebrate genomics'

Research Interests

I am interested in evolutionary biology and taxonomy of mammals. Since visiting Namibia for my Bachelor thesis I am fascinated of large African mammals. Currently, my research focuses on evolutionary genomics and population genetics of giraffe (Giraffa carmelopardalis). The aim is to identify structure and gene flow of wild giraffe populations based on mitochondrial and nuclear markers in order to examine the need for a taxonomic revision in giraffes.

Since 2016 PhD student at Biodiversity and Climate Reasearch Centre (BiK-F), Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Working group of Prof. Dr. Axel Janke
2016 Master of Science (Zoology) at University of Vienna, Austria.
Master thesis: "A molecular phylogeny and divergence times of the weevil tribe Apionini (Brentidae, Curculionoidea, Coleoptera", Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Konrad Fiedler
2014 - 2016 Studies of biology at University of Vienna, Austria
Master degree course: Zoology
2013 Bachelor of Science at Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany
Bachelor thesis: "Beutespektren namibischer Prädatoren mit Schwerpunkt auf dem Leopard Panthera pardus auf Farmland in Namibia" (Prey spectra of namibian predators with focus on leopard Panthera pardus on Farmland in Namibia), Supervisor: Dr. Renate van den Elzen
2010 - 2013 Studies of biology at Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany.
Bachelor degree course: Biology

Phone: +49 (0)69 7542 1828