Dr. Joerg Albrecht 




Dr. Jörg Albrecht

Member of Senior Scientist Group 'Functional Ecology and Global Change'

Research  interests

I am an ecologist with a research focus on community ecology, functional ecology, biotic interactions and ecosystem functions. I am particularly interested in the mechanisms that determine the responses of species, communities and ecosystems to climate and land-use change. One focus of my research projects is to understand natural and human-induced dynamics in the structure of plant–animal interaction networks and animal-mediated ecosystem functions, e.g. pollination and seed dispersal. Moreover, I combine biogeographic and paleodietary analyses to explore the effects climate change on species interactions.

Community ecology, functional ecology, biotic interactions, network theory, biodiversity, ecosystem functions, seed dispersal, pollination, global change biology


External Links

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Selected Publications

Albrecht J, Barton KA, Selva N, Sommer R, Swenson JE & Bischof R (2017) Humans and climate change drove the Holocene decline of the brown bear. Scientific Reports 7:10399.

Farwig N, Berens DG & Albrecht J (2017) Trait-associated loss of frugivores in fragmented forest does not affect seed removal rates. Journal of Ecology 105:20–28. (Invited paper for special feature: ‘Dispersal processes driving plant movement: challenges for range shifts in a changing world’)

Albrecht J, Bohle V, Berens DG, Jaroszewicz B, Selva N & Farwig N (2015) Variation in neighbourhood context shapes frugivore-mediated facilitation and competition among co-dispersed plant species. Journal of Ecology 103:526–536.

Albrecht J, Berens DG, Jaroszewicz B, Selva N, Brandl R & Farwig N (2014) Correlated loss of ecosystem services in coupled mutualistic networks. Nature Communications 5:3810.

Albrecht J, Berens DG, Blüthgen N, Jaroszewicz B, Selva N & Farwig N (2013) Logging and forest edges reduce redundancy in plant-frugivore networks in old-growth European forest. Journal of Ecology 101:990–999.

Albrecht J, Neuschulz EL, Farwig N (2012) Impact of habitat structure and fruit abundance on avian seed dispersal and fruit predation. Basic and Applied Ecology 13:347–354.


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