Katrin Böhning-Gaese

Prof. Dr. Katrin Böhning-Gaese

Dr. Susanne Fritz - Macroevolution and biogeography of vertebrates
Dr. Christian Hof - Macroecology and global change biology
Dr. Eike Lena Neuschulz - Mechanisms of ecosystem functioning
Dr. Matthias Schleuning - Mutualistic plant-animal interactions



Prof. Dr. Katrin Böhning-Gaese

Director/Project Area Leader


Research interests: Macroecology, community ecology and conservation biology
- Influence of global climate and human land-use change on animal populations and communities in the tropics and in the temperate region
- Relationship between the diversity of animal communities and ecosystem functioning
-  Macroecology and evolution of bird communities and of bird migration

-several courses at Goethe University Frankfurt in the MSc Ecology and Evolution and in the BSc Biology




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Recent publications

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Plein, M., L. Längsfeld, E. L. Neuschulz, C. Schultheiß, L. Ingmann, T. Töpfer, K. Böhning-Gaese, and Schleuning, M. (2013) Constant properties of plant-frugivore networks despite fluctuations in fruit and bird communities in space and time. Ecology 94: 1296-1306.

Berens, D. B., E. M. Griebeler, C. Braun, B. B. Chituyi, R. Nathan, and K. Böhning-Gaese (2013) Changes of effective gene dispersal distances by pollen and seeds across successive life stages in a tropical tree. Oikos 122: 1616-1625.

Mulwa, R. K., E. L. Neuschulz, K. Böhning-Gaese, and M. Schleuning (2013) Seasonal fluctuations of resource abundance and avian feeding guilds across forest-farmland boundaries in tropical Africa. Oikos 122: 524-532.

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