Prof. Dr. Marco Thines

Head of Research Group 'Evolutionary Analyses and Biological Archives'

Research interests

I am fascinated by the diversity of organisms and in particular the oomycetes In my group, we are aiming to elucidate the patterns of evolution in this diverse lineage and how oomycetes interact with the environment. We have discovered new species, genera and even families in the past and will continue our efforts to understand the evolution of this group using cutting edge methods, including genomics, functional assays, as well as population genetics, phylogenetics, and classical methods, like microscopy and taxonomic studies. It is my aim to sustain an internationally competitive, diverse group that offers a stimulating and friendly research atmosphere in which the individual research aims can be pursued efficiently.

Short CV

Since 2010 Professor at the Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre (BiK-F) and the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Department of Biological Sciences, Institute of Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity.
2009-2010 Visiting Scientist at the Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich, UK (Max-Planck Society Fellowship)
2009 Habilitation in Botany (professional Dissertation for qualifying for a full professorship)
2007-2010 PI at the University of Hohenheim, Institute of Botany funded by the DFG
2006 CEO and of the molecular diagnostics company PathoScan GbR (now, IdentXX GmbH)
2005 PhD in Life Sciences (Dr. rer. nat.)
2003-2005 Stipendiate of the Ministry of Science, Education and the Arts of BW
2003 Diploma in Biology (Dipl.-Biol.)
1999-2003 Biology Studies (Major in Botany, Virology and Soil Sciences)


Phone: 069 7542 1851 (secretary)