Bruno Streit


Prof. Dr. Bruno Streit

Professor of Ecology and Evolution at Goethe University since 1985

C.2: Project group leader

My principal interest is in ecology, while increasingly appreciating the interaction of evolutionary processes and environmental change, both natural and anthropogenic. I have worked with freshwater and soil organisms, extending my research in recent years to vertebrates. I am engaged in fundamental and applied research, in conservation biology and aspects of general human ecology.

As part of the BiK-F community, I am focusing on the genetics and genomics of selected freshwater invertebrates. The research is in strong cooperation and interaction with various other projects of areas C and D.

I am engaged in (and spokesman of) the BioFrankfurt Network of Biodiversity, serving to transfer knowledge about biological diversity into the public and politics. The network frequently brings together various stakeholders and scientists and thus facilitates interactions and cooperations also with BiK-F.

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