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Soqotra Symposium 2012

September 21-23 2012, Frankfurt am Main

Post-conference greetings
Dear Participants, dear Colleagues!

The Symposium is history! About 65 colleagues from around 15 countries participated in it and the responses which we received from many attendants thus far are unanimously positive. Thanks to all of you who have returned their kind feed-back to us. We would like to thank all participants and especially the presenters for sharing their experience, knowledge, and not least their scientific results with us. It has been a pleasure for us to play host to such an excellent audience. We take the opportunity to again express our sincere gratitude to the GIZ and BMZ for supporting this memorable event and to the Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum for availing its facilities and technical support to us.
On Sunday afternoon, 23/09/2012, the General Assembly of the members of the Friends of Soqotra elected the venue for the 12th Annual General Meeting of the FoS. We are pleased to announce that our dear colleagues of the Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic, have kindly volunteered to organize the meeting in 2013 (September 13-15), which will supposedly take place in the beautiful town of Lednice south of Brno.

Finally, in drawing your attention to a few additional details as presented below we say Good Bye to all of you, see you in Lednice latest

Your Organizing Committee
Uwe, Kay, Edouard, Katja and Julian

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Updates and miscellaneous information 
A slightly corrected version of the Programme Book is available for download from here
A Press Information Flyer (in German language) can be downloaded from here.
Attendants who requested receipts for their conference fees will receive them by post in due course.
Most of you have already received one copy of the book “Biodiversity Conservation in the Arabian Peninsula” (Knight et al. (eds.) 2011; Zoology in the Middle East, Supplementum 3) as part of your conference set. Those of you, who haven’t yet, may request their copy by emailing to us. We are grateful to the Max Kasparek Verlag (Max Kasparek Publishing House), Heidelberg, Germany, for donating the copies of this valuable volume. Remaining copies that have not been claimed will be distributed by FoS.
Dana Pietsch would like to draw your attention to the "Island Studies Journal" (www.islandstudies.ca/journal) and invite you to submit articles to it. The journal has a wide scope and is open access. During the next two years it represents the official journal of the "International Small Islands Studies Association (ISISA)". Further, she wants to announce an important conference on islands to be held in 2013 (http://island.npu.edu.tw/) where Soqotra issues could make a strong showing.
Please care to visit the newly designed website of the Friends of Soqotra (at the same well known address  www.friendsofsoqotra.org) which will go online in November 2012. Contributions and suggestions are welcome.

Presentations for download
Several authors have already agreed to avail their presentation as PDF-file to the public. You can download them here below. Authors who also wish to do so shall send an email confirming their agreement to the Symposium Organizers.

Morris – Livestock husbandry and adjusting to change: Some perceptions of older islanders  [Download]
Nasher – Incorporating biodiversity concepts in education curriculum; An urgent necessity for Yemen  [Download]
Nasher & Al Jumaily – Initial steps to building a long term sea turtle conservation program in Soqotra  [Download]
Suleiman & Porter – Soqotra's ornithological importance  [Download]
Zajonz et al. – The Soqotra Field Research Station  [Download]

Pictures for download
Dirk van Dorpe has kindly uploaded a selection of his photographs, and also of a few other attendants, to his Picasa account where they ca be accessed for a period of three months. He has also kindly agreed to upload pictures additional participants may wish to avail for “participants’ only” access. Please send us an email if you wish to receive the access links to the Picasa account. If you wish to share your images please contact Dirk van Dorpe directly at <dirk.vandorpe@telenet.be> .

Uwe Zajonz
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