Sebastian Ploch

Dr. Sebastian Ploch

Member of Research Group 'Evolutionary Analyses and Biological Archives'

Research interests

My research is focussed on oomycetes, fungal-like pathogens infecting Asteridae and Rosidae. I investigate the biodiversity, epidemiology and evolution of these organisms with modern molecular methods and phylogenetic reconstructions to unravel their huge hidden biodiversity and to gain insights into their evolution.

Short CV

Since 2007 PhD project Investigations into the biology, epidemiology and persistence of obligate biotrophic oomycetes. The project started at the University of Hohenheim and is now continued at the Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre (BiK-F).

2006 Diploma thesis in Biology (MSc eqivalent) – Hybridization between  Polylepis pauta and P. sericea in the Páramo de Papallacta, Ecuador

2001-2006 Biology studies at the Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

List of publications

ISI listed scientific journals

Ploch S, Choi Y-J, Rost C, Shin H-D, Schilling E, Thines M (2010) Evolution of diversity in Albugo is driven by high host specificity and multiple speciation events on closely related Brassicaceae. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution in press.

Thines M, Choi Y-J, Kemen E, Ploch S, Holub EB, Shin H-D, Jones JDG (2009) A new species of Albugo parasitic to Arabidopsis thaliana reveals new evolutionary patterns in white blister rusts (Albuginaceae). Persoonia 22: 123-128.

Thines M, Telle S, Ploch S & Runge F (2009). Identity of the downy mildew pathogens of basil, coleus, and sage with implications for quarantine measures. Mycological Research 113: 532-540.

Seltmann P, Hensen I, Renison D, Wesche K, Ploch S, Duenas JR, Cocucci A & Jung K (2009). Biparental inbreeding depression, genetic relatedness and progeny vigour in a wind-pollinated treeline species in Argentina. Journal of Plant Ecology 205: 155-164.

Choi Y-J, Shin H-D, Ploch S, Thines M (2008). Evidence for uncharted biodiversity in the Albugo candida complex, with description of a new species. Mycological Research 112: 1327-1334.

Phone: 069 7542 1834, Lab: 069 7542 1835