Marta Gomez Gimenez 


Dr. Marta Gomez-Gimenez

Member of
Research Group 'Quantitative Biogeography'

Research interests

My research interests include ecology, land management practices, remote sensing, and multidisciplinary approaches that promote sustainability and social well-being. I use remote sensing data and tools to monitor and assess pressing environmental issues. In particular, I have worked on several national and international projects related to glaciers status, emergency support mapping, forest fuel mapping services, REDD+ activities, nutrient balance in agro-ecosystems, land-use intensity, and gross primary production. I had the opportunity to be involved in several projects related to the Copernicus Programme during the time I worked as remote sensing and GIS analyst for GMV.

In May 2018, I joined the Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre (SBIK-F) to work on the GEOEssential project. SBiK-F leads the work package number 4, which focuses on developing workflows to monitor the implementation of selected environmental policies using Copernicus products.


2017 (PhD) in Earth Observation, Remote Sensing Laboratories, University of Zurich (CH), Thesis: Monitoring Agricultural Management Practices and Nitrogen Deposition in Swiss Agroecosystems Using Remote Sensing.
Remote sensing / GIS specialist, GMV (ESP).
Master’s degree (60 ECTS) in Geographic Information Technologies, University of Alcala (ESP). Final degree project: Use of satellite images for Emergency and Security management: SAFER, GMOSAIC.
Bachelor’s degree (345 ECTS) in Environmental Sciences, King Juan Carlos University (ESP). Final degree project: Use of multispectral images to study a glacier.

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