Ilka Reinhardt


Ilka Reinhardt

Ph.D. Student
Member of Research Group 'Movement Ecology'

Research interests

I have a strong interest in wildlife biology, behavioral ecology and conservation of large mammals and especially of large carnivores. I am based at the LUPUS Institute – the German Institute for Wolf monitoring and research which I co-founded together with my colleague Gesa Kluth. Since 2002 I am scientifically following and documenting the recovery of wolves in Germany. With this PhD study at the movement ecology group in Frankfurt I aim to give a profound scientific description of the population recovery, especially on the re-colonization process of wolves in Germany, the dispersal and pack formation of this new population, and on the territory size, movement and activity of wolves in the highly human dominated landscape of Germany. The study will hopefully contribute to a better understanding of this controversial carnivore. I am a member of the Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe (, a species specialist group of the IUCN.

External Links

Ilka Reinhardt at ResearchGate (incl. full list of publications)

Wolf Monitoring in Germany

Selected publications

Lesnjak, I., Heckmann, I., Heitlinger, E., Szentiks, C. A., Jarausch, A., Reinhardt, I., Kluth, G., Hofer, H. and O. Krone (2017): Population expansion and individual age effect endoparasite richness and diversity in a recolonizing large carnivore population. Scientific reports 7:41730. doi: 10.1038/srep41730

Reinhardt, I., Kluth, G., Nowak, S. & R. Myslajek (2015): Standards for the monitoring of the Central European wolf population in Germany and Poland. BfN-Skripten 398.

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Reinhardt, I., Rauer, J., Kluth, G., Kaczensky, P., Knauer, F. & U. Wotschikowsky (2012): Livestock protection methods applicable for Germany – a Country newly recolonized by wolves. Hystrix, It. J. Mamm. doi: 10.4404/hystrix-23.1-4555


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