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Dr. Angelica Feurdean



Dr. Angelica Feurdean holds a BSc (1997) in Biology, a MSc (1998) in Ecology from Babes-Bolyai University, Romania, and a PhD in Quaternary Geology from the Stockholm University, Sweden (2004).

My research

I undertake palaeoecological research on temperate forests (much of them old growth), grasslands and wetlands of Central and Eastern Europe along latitudinal and elevational gradients with the goal to understand how they function and the best way to preserve them. My research combines multi-proxy analysis (pollen, plant macrofossil, micro-and macro-charcoal, NPP, testate amoebae, mineral magnetic properties, grains size, sediment geochemistry, stable isotopes (δ13C δ15N,) with modeling approach on a time scale ranging from few decades to tens of thousands of years. Together with students, collaborators as well as contributors to the Global Charcoal Database, we examine fire regime dynamics and how these change through time and space, whereas together with Landcover6k group we aim to quantitatively reconstruct land use and land cover changes;


Fire as a key driver of long-term ecosystem structure, functioning and biodiversity in Central Europe

Altitudinal variation in the biotic response to recurrent climate fluctuations and human impact during the past 15,000 years in the Carpathian region

Impact of climate change on temporal and spatial variability of Cladium mariscus (Great Fen sedge) populations in Central-East Europe in the last 2000 years


Full list of publications

Selected publications

Feurdean, A., Ruprecht E., Molnar, Zs., Hutchinson, S.M., Hickler, T. 2018. Biodiversity-rich European grasslands: ancient, forgotten ecosystems. Biological Conservation, 228, 224-232.

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