Project Areas


The scientific concept of the Research Centre is based on a bi-dimensional structure with a time/process axis and a spatial axis. Following the first axis, long scale (evolution and climate), medium scale (biodiversity dynamics and climate) and short scale (adaptation and climate) processes are to be investigated. With regard to the spatial dimension, marine and continental habitats in the tropics, the temperate and alpine/polar regions are in focus.

The centre is organised around six major research areas which comprise 25 project groups.

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Across these structures, several special themes and ecosystems are being explored in a comprehensive way by researchers from all project areas. They join their special skills to contribute to advance the knowledge about those topics which were identified as specially important by the BiK-F committees.

Cross-cutting themes (please click for more information): 
- Niche evolution
- Multiple Stressors
- Biotic Interactions

Focus ecosystems:
- Savannas
- Shelf ecosystems
- Thermophilic Temperate Forests

All BiK-F professorships are cooperation professorships with the Goethe University Frankfurt.

The affiliation of all staff members is indicated by the mini logos:
BiK-FBiodiversity and Climate Research Centre (funded by LOEWE), SGNSenckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung , UniGoethe University, ISOEInstitute for social-ecological research (ISOE)