Research Activities


To find out about the multiplicity of life on earth – biodiversity – and to help preserve it: That is the aim of research at Senckenberg. The Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung has grown enormously in recent years. It has been augmented by new locations and it is making a concerted effort to extend its expertise in biodiversity research. However, the internal research structures are not organized according to the different locations, but on a thematic basis. We have defined four research fields, each composed of several research activities (RA), that cover the entire range of the Senckenberg research: 

- Biodiversity and Systematics (RA 1 - 3)
- Biodiversity and Ecosystems (RA 4 - 5)
- Biodiversity and Climate (RA 6 - 9)
- Biodiversity and Earth System Dynamics (RA 10 - 12)

The Research Field Biodiversity and Climate is mainly dealing with two of the greatest challenges of the era: The loss of biodiversity and climate change. To understand them and their close and numerous interactions properly, research has to take both processes into account. This interdisciplinary scientific research is the aim of the research field Biodiversity and Climate, with at its core the Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre (BiK-F).

Click here for the BiK-F research structure (2014)

The affiliation of all staff members is indicated by the mini logos:
BiK-FBiodiversity and Climate Research Centre (funded by LOEWE), SGNSenckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung , UniGoethe University, ISOEInstitute for social-ecological research (ISOE)