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We can use data on observed distributions to infer where a species is (i.e. infer where the species is present but not observed), and also discover which climatic and habitat variables influence where a species can survive. The methods which are commonly used to do this are based on simple pattern-fitting approaches, with little explicit attention paid
to either how the data were collected or the processes which create the patterns. We are developing models which can overcome these problems. The problem is naturally hierarchical: at the top level are the processes which create the real distribution of the species (the next level down), and this then affects what is observed - the data - at the lowest level.

We are working on all of these levels, developing models for how the data were collected, to provide a variety of methods that can be adapted to the specifics of the data.  We are also developing models for how the environment affects a species' distribution, moving towards a mechanistic understanding of the process. This includes modelling how species interact with each other.

As well as looking at distributions, we are also investigating the dynamics of populations and communities of species. Again, taking a hierarchical approach we are able to disentangle the effects of different drivers of the dynamics. By moving these models into space, we will be able to look at how population dynamics and dispersal affect the observed distribution, and thus help us develop models that efficiently incorporate dynamics into their predictions of species' distributions.

Our longer-term aim is to combine these models with the process-based models (either directly or using approximations of those models) to give us better predictions of how the distributions of species will respond to future changes in the climate.

Former Members:

Prof. Dr. Steven Higgins
Dr. Konstans Wells


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