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In our project area, we investigate the effects of global climate and land-use change on the biodiversity and range dynamics of vertebrates, especially of birds. We focus on ecosystem consequences of these changes at all organizational levels including geographic ranges, species diversity, community structure, and population dynamics. To account for the immense complexity of ecological systems, we explicitly use a pluralistic approach by working on different spatial and temporal scales and combining a variety of different methods such as field observations and experiments, telemetry, computer simulations, and phylogenetic and macroecological analyses.

We teach several courses at Goethe University Frankfurt in the MSc Ecology and Evolution and in the BSc Biology (see here).

Project themes

1. Macroecology and macroevolution

Potential impacts of climate change on species distributions and diversity (birds, amphibians, dragonflies)

Diversification dynamics of passerine bird groups and the evolution of avian and amphibian ecological niches

Patterns of biodiversity from community composition to global species richness (birds, amphibians, mammals, dragonflies)

Consequences of these macroecological and macroevolutionary patterns for regional and global conservation prioritisation

Project 1

© S. Fritz

Katrin Böhning-Gaese, Susanne Fritz, Christian Hof, Shan Huang, Matthias Dehling, Alison Eyres, Imran Khaliq, Anna Phillips 

2. Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning

Birds and bats as seed dispersers and arthropod predators along an elevational and land use gradient
project site for DFG award #Bo 1221/16-1
project website

Biodiversity and ecosystem processes in Kakamega Forest
project website (BIOTA Africa)

Potential influence of global climate change on ungulates, predators and tourists in African national parks

Project 2

© E.L. Neuschulz

Katrin Böhning-Gaese, Eike Lena Neuschulz, Matthias Schleuning, Claudia Grünewald, Hamadi I. Dulle, Ugo Arbieu

3. Mutualistic plant-animal interactions

Mutualistic interaction networks along latitudinal and elevational gradients

Trait-based approaches for understanding the structure of plant-frugivore networks

Impacts of land-use intensification on mutualistic plant-animal interactions

Seed dispersal by nutcrackers (Nucifraga caryocatactes) along environmental gradients in alpine pine forests

Spatial determinants of animal pollination and plant fecundity in South African Fynbos
project site for DFG award #Schl 1934/1-1

Development and validation of functional indicators for avian seed dispersal in South Ecuador
project site for DFG award #BO 1221/20-1

Project 3

© M. Dehling

Katrin Böhning-Gaese, Eike Lena Neuschulz, Matthias Schleuning, Matthias Dehling, Maria A. MaglianesiDominik Merges, Marcia Muñoz, Marta Quitian, Vinicio Santillan, Baptiste Schmid, Alexander Neu

4. Movement ecology

Movement patterns and seed dispersal of Trumpeter Hornbills (Bycanistes bucinator) in a fragmented landscape
project site for DFG award #Bo 1221/14-1

Informatics tools for population-level movement dynamics
project site for NSF award #1062411

Project 4

© C. Braun

Katrin Böhning-Gaese, Thomas Müller, Johanna Lenz

Teaching at Goethe University Frankfurt

Former lab members/Alumni


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