M. Dhimal

Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre (BiK-F)
Emerging and Neglected Tropical Diseases Unit
Senckenberganlage 25
60325 Frankfurt am Main
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Fax: +49 69 7542-1800
E-Mail: Meghnath.Dhimal(at)senckenberg.de
Office: Mertonstr. 17–21, 403 C
60325 Frankfurt am Main


Meghnath Dhimal

Ph.D. student


Research interests/current works
My research focus is on Environmental Health. From five years’ experience in the field of climate change and health research, I came up with many research questions particularly on the impact of climate change on vector-borne diseases in the mountain regions of Nepal. Malaria, Japanese encephalitis, visceral leishmaniasis, lymphatic filariasis and dengue fever are the major vector-borne diseases in Nepal. Once, malaria was confined to few Terai (lowland) districts of Nepal, but it is now reported from more than 67 out of the 75 districts of Nepal. This has serious implications for the health of mountain people, their economy, and importantly also to the tourism sector in Nepal. In my Ph.D research I follow an interdisciplinary approach, investigating the links between socio-economic, environmental and ecological conditions -including the influence of climate change- on the diversity and distribution of malaria vector mosquitoes and their parasites. I am interested to apply tools like regional climate modelling, environmental and ecological niche modelling and molecular techniques such as PCR and DNA sequencing to better understand the present and future risk of malaria in Nepal. My ultimate goal is to contribute novel scientific findings to policy for the welfare of society.

Short CV
Since 2011 DAAD scholar and Ph.D. candidate at Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main
2010-2011 Chief Research Officer, Nepal Health Research Council
2008-2011 Visiting Lecturer of Environmental Health, School of Environmental Management and Sustainable Development, Kathmandu
2006-2011 Visiting Lecturer of Environmental Health, Hope International College, Lalitpur
2005-2010 Environmental Health Research Officer, Nepal Health Research Council
2004 M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu
2002 B.Sc. in Science from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu

Selected Publications
Dhimal M
, Dhakal P, Baral K, Maskey M, 2010. Assessment of environmental burden of diseases of ALRI due to indoor smoke in Dhading District of Nepal. Journal of Nepal Health Research Council 8(16): 1-4
Dhimal M, Bhusal CL, 2009. Impact of climate change on human health and adaptation strategies for Nepal. Journal of Nepal Health Research Council 7(15): 140-141
Gautam I, Dhimal M, Shrestha SR, Tamrakar AS, 2009. First record of Aedes aegypti (L.) vector of dengue virus from Kathmandu, Nepal. Journal of Natural History Museum 24: 156-164
Dhimal M, Bhattarai L, Bhusal CL, 2009. Situation Analysis of Environmental Health in Nepal 2009. Kathmandu (Nepal Health Research Council and World Health Organization), 53 pp.
Dhimal M, Thakur AK, Maskey Shhrestha S, Banerjee MK, Bhattaria L, Maskey MK, 2009. Environmental conditions associated with vector of dengue and corrective actions for its prevention in Nepal. Kathmandu (Nepal Health Research Council and World Health Organization), 27 pp.
Dhimal M, 2008. Climate change and health: research challenges in vulnerable mountainous countries like Nepal. In: Young Voices in Research for Health, 2008. Geneva (Global Forum for Health Research), pp. 66-69